Forever Interviewing

Date posted: January 28, 2009  
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Interviewing is forever, not only when you are looking for a job.

It happens all the time. Yes, think about it. If interviewing is the process of influencing another person that you are the right fit for the need, then doesn’t that happen when a new team is being formed? Doesn’t that happen when a new office is being established in another location? Doesn’t it occur when you hear a neighbor complain about problems that his firm is having and would love to figure out how to streamline the hiring process?

It then occurred to me, that interviewing is forever becaise it’s about influencing another to allow that person to see you as the solution and better yet, be seen as help to that other person. You can help with your ideas, your energy, your expertise, your ability to motivate others, your connections, your support, your creativity, etc.

So, here we are and let’s get going.

Interviews are about needs, insecurities, impressions and influencing but since they happen all the time, they are not necessarily called interviews. They might be under the headings of , “sending a proposal” , or “asking for a raise” or “trying to convince your boss to get transferred or lobbying to become a telecommuter,” or “gaining onboarding credibility.” As a matter of fact, it happens every day, everywhere whenever people are trying to make a change for the better – where both people benefit.

Interviewing is about influencing others.

Think about it. Interviewing is a process, where at least two people with needs, insecutities, sitting down in front of each other, breathing the same air, talking under the same room temperature and checking each other out to see if they like each other based on some need somewhere. That’s it, folks. Pure and simple. Doesn’t that happen in countless encounters in you life?

Oh, sure, there are zillions of books about techniques, ( some wonderfully helpful) but boiled down to its essence, it’s bascially about needs, impressions and insecurities and influencing on both sides.

On one side, whether it’s a formal or informal interview, managers decide about who they like, if they feel safe, if we resemble them or they look like us, and if they feel that bringing you aboard, whether you are a new hire or joining a forming tean, will be helpful and productive.

You, on the other hand, as a formal or informal interviewee, may look at it from the viewpoints of, do they like me, will they chose me, will they pay me, will they accept my ideas, will they let me do some flext time?

See what I mean? Interviews are about needs, impressions and insecurities and influencing.

What is also important is that interviewing happens all the time and it’s the times when you don’t think of it as “interviewing” that you may not be as successful in your career as you may want or need to be.

If you are ready, then, let’s begin . My plans for this blog is for you to become really comfortable here as we explore the process, respond posts, check out ways to use the process of Forever Interviewing in all areas your professional life and, yes, have some fun here too.

So, with that introduction, I will post my next piece on some Interviewing Don’ts focusing on the traditional interview but certainly apply to our notion of Forever Interviewing


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