What Are Your Specials?

Date posted: April 23, 2009
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Ok, times are tough. Yes. And the press keeps insisting that times are uncertain. Yes. And? What are you doing about it?


Interviewing Forever

Date posted: April 23, 2009
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We interview forever so be ready….


Are Your Beliefs Helping or Harming Your Job Search?

Date posted: April 5, 2009
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Beliefs : Are They Working For You or Against You?
©2009 Judy Rosemarin

Do you know the difference between knowing something and believing in something? To know something is when there is no doubt and to have a clear understanding of something. To believe is to take as true, real, to suppose or expect, or even assume. Beliefs are not necessarily true yet can be mighty powerful on both sides of the fence; hurtful or harmful.