Business StoryTelling: Creating your HumawayTM

Date posted: March 3, 2010
Filed under: StoryTelling

Stories are one of the most powerful ways of communicating. Now you can learn techniques that bring the power of storytelling to your professional life. Business StoryTelling can help you nail a job interview, finalize a sale or inspire a team. Regardless of your objectives Business StoryTelling workshops from Sense-Able Strategies pay big dividends.

Judy Rosemarin has designed a dynamic workshop, Business StoryTelling: Creating your Humaway, that teaches you how to select and tell your own unique stories to get the results you want. Her Humaway brand signifies the proof of a successful story: one that really sticks with your audience the way a catchy song leaves listeners humming away a tune.

Join us in this experiential and lively workshop and learn how to truly connect to your listener’s needs, convey your value and leave an indelible mark through the power of StoryTelling.

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