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Judy Rosemarin

When you elicit the best in others, your bring out the best in yourself.

Sense-Able Strategies Founder and Executive Coach,  Judy Rosemarin, knows that only when we truly know ourselves, know our value and our values,  communicate effectively,  listen deeply, behave authentically and inspire others, can we create and sustain strong and rewarding relationships and personal satisfaction.





For over 30 years, Judy Rosemarin has successfully coached professionals, entrepreneurs, C-level executives helping them  leverage their best to become the best they can be and bring out the best in others. She is also the Co-Author of “Becoming An Exceptional Executive Coach: Use Your Knowledge, Skills and Intuition to Help Leaders Excel.”

Judy  creates strong trusting relationships between her clients and herself, where one-on-one courageous conversations take place to help her clients move towards and achieve greater self-awareness, stronger self-determination, self-confidence and competence. Even joy.

By learning how to become more effective  communicators,  Judy’s clienst develop better ways to  increase their self awareness, and increase their authenticity while influencing, motivating and impacting others. Each person learns how to make stronger connections to the values most meaningful to their companies, their teams and themselves.

With her unique, grounded yet zesty and approachable coaching style, combining her years of experience as a former photojournalist, writer, educator, actor/director and sense of humor, Judy has helped increase the confidence and competence of thousands of executives.

Judy also teaches business people how to quickly and powerfully influence others  by using the Humaway Business StoryTelling approach.  Leaders are learning how to make their strategic plans come alive and create true meaning to their teams by using the amazing power of story.  When that happens, teams understand the “why” of moving towards shared goals.

Judy helps helps her clients  change facts and data  into memorable stories that inspire others to think differently and take action that makes a difference.

Since May of 2009, Judy continually receives high praise for her “Humaway Business StoryTelling” workshops for executives who either want to become more memorable in their presentations and communications as well as those who are interviewing and want to create strong memorable impressions in the minds of others.

“Judy knows how to get to the heart of the matter with caring, insight and intellect.”

Judy was an adjunct faculty member of New York University’s School of Continuing Professional Studies for over 19 years where she taught the popular Business Presentation Skills at the Shack Institute of Real Estate. She also is part of iCoachNewYork.com where she teaches the Professional Coaching Program at The Zicklin School of Management at Baruch College.

Judy is available through SKYPE or telephone  PRIVATE COACHING 


Judy is the delighted co-author of “Becoming An Exceptional Executive Coach” 2012, Amacom.

As a dynamic and inspiring presenter, Judy is often sought as an expert on leadership and effective career management issues and has been heard or seen on Cablevision’s “Jobline”, “BostonWorks.com”, “America’s Talking”, “The Dolans”, “Joan Hamburg Show” and “CBS Early Show”, ROBtv.com and Peter Clayton’s Totalpicture.com, radio interview as StoryTelling Coach with Zara Larsen’s “Circles of Change.”

In  “Top Notch Executive Interviews” by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., Judy has been recognized and quoted as a top notch interviewing expert.

Judy was the original New York Post’s  weekly “Careers Plus” columnist where she wrote about the wide range of effective career management for over six years.

As an actor, Judy has had major roles in community theater in “Copenhagen” (2004), “Born Yesterday” (2004), “Retreat From Moscow” (2005) and “The Exonerated” (2007), “The Glass Menagerie” (2007), “And Then There Were None” (2008) “Our Town,” (2008), “The Marriage Proposal” and “The Boor” (2009,), “The Homecoming (2011).  Judy has assistant directed and choreographed for “A View From the Bridge” (2006) assistant directed for “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” (2006) and co-directed “Twelve Angry Men” (2010).

Judy holds a B.S. in Photography and Journalism, a M.S. in Counseling and an M.S.W in Social Work.