“I coach because I care and thrive on making a difference for the better in peoples’ lives.” -Judy Rosemarin

We look at coaching as a positive opportunity personal and professional growth in a trusting relationship with a caring, authentic and expert coach. We help people achieve their desired goals. Each person has the potential to develop beyond the moment and all of our clients receive personal and tailored coaching to their specific needs. We do not offer the same coaching to everyone. Instead, we spend time getting to know each client, and his or her sponsoring organization, in order to form a trusting relationship over time and stay aligned with mutually-desired business results.

What makes our coaching unique is our philosophy; that no two leaders lead the same and no two people are the same. Since each person is unique, we have the capacity to fine tune each coaching project to each client, focusing always on that client’s gifts, styles, and desires. We also know that when our clients become authentically self-aware, and can design meaningful and achievable goals, applies himself or herself to the task and the excitement of achieving those goals, he or she can attain outcomes that benefit all.

Sponsoring corporations have come to know and relay on us as their trusted and reliable resource for helping their managers and leaders become the best they can be, benefiting the employee, the team, department and organization.