Executive Coaching & Intentional Leadership

“Judy helped me build titanium tools to become a more authentic leader.”
– Senior Vice President, Public Relations

Better behaviors for better business impact.

Executive Coaching combined with Intentional Leadership (using applied Mindfulness)  is future focused, through the windshield, not like psychotherapy, which looks through the rear view mirror. Now, more than ever, effective leaders must have greater self awareness, be clear about what their intentions are and  know how to create working environments that help others feel a sense of mastery and meaning.

Seasoned or new  leaders must  demonstrate their authenticity, resilience, flexibility as well as have the capacity and ability to motivate and inspire others. Emerging  leaders will require the skills and abilities necessary to create the possibilities for employees to feel more empowered, improve their capabilities and feel a sense of purpose in their work.

We help leaders achieve that through our one-on-one Executive Coaching and Intentional Leadership methods and programs.

Executive Coaching and using mindfulness as a leader,  is a confidential one-on-one relationship between an executive and a coach, It is always focused on helping you gain greater self-awareness, learn how to communicate more effectively and increase your leadership  presence, confidence and competence. It is focused on helping you learn how your mind works,  identify, practice and perfect future improved behaviors that will positively impact both you and the people with whom you come into contact: teams, cohorts, management and customers.

Executive Coaching is process which helps you become the  best you can be. We help our clients become  more effective as leaders, by aligning their desires with their behaviors. We help business leaders take a clear look at themselves, the goals for their teams/departments and help them achieve those goals through a trusting confidential coaching relationship.

We strongly believe that when leaders are mindful and  are truly authentic to themselves they are also true to their teams and customers.

In our corporate sponsored Executive Coaching and Intentional Leadership  programs, we partner with individuals who are seeking development in the areas of : Executive and Leadership Presence, Communication Skills, Team Building, Trust-Enhancement, Reputation Management, Business Storytelling and Presentation Skills.

We also know that sponsoring organizations are an important and integral part of every coaching program, and for each engagement, we continually dedicate ourselves to open communication and fostering a rich  partnership with all.


Benefits: Improved awareness,  competence and confidence as an Intentional  Leader, increased satisfaction and  adding powerful tools to your communication tool box.