Influential Listening Coaching

“Are You Listening and How: Listening to and Influencing Others” ©

My employee was an excellent sales person but had difficulty communicating. It interfered with promoting him, but I didn’t want to lose him. The experience he had working with Judy Rosemarin was enormously successful.” – Vice President – Sales/Mfg.

Listening is first to understand. We too quickly want to convince, convert, confront but today, listening has never been more important. A quick mistake in listening/communication can lead to huge losses in trust, friendships, relationships and sense of well-being.

Our two-day “Are You Listening and How: Listening to and Influencing Others” © workshops help you learn how to listen  first to understand the other person, then learn your own intention and make wiser choices in your responses. You will learn how to select the most appropriate listening style for each situation for maximum impact.

Poor listening has been the root of the majority of conflicts and confusion. Poor listeners cannot effectively influence others. Participants who take this workshop learn that the first step in influencing others is having a clear intention then creating trust by listening appropriately. The workshop combines lecture, learning your own listening styles, role plays for practice, group discussion of case studies and ample time for practicing new listening approaches.

What clients have said:

I learned a lot and felt challenged and will be working on my detail-listening with my team.

It was an insightful course which enables you to better understand and evaluate your attributes and shortfalls in listening. It can be useful in both personal life and business.

My empathic listening wasn’t one of my strong suits before working with Judy and it has developed so that it has created a a much stronger dynamic and understanding with my marketing team and the sales team as a whole. I increased my confidence, improved my ability to lead, mentor and engage my team so they are clear about expectations, roles and responsibilities; learned about how to deliver ‘hard news’ and gained in my ability to be contextually assertive without being abrasive or aloof.”
Associate Publisher National Magazine

This course is worth taking because it teaches you practical ways to listen and respond so that you become a more effective communicator and leader.

It taught me that I need to be more empathic and I actually saw how practicing it can be really useful, even in business settings.

I found that using these new skills, others opened up to me more which surprised and delighted me.

Benefits – Learn how to listen with intention and attention. Build listening flexibility.  Understand first.