Presentation Skills

People decide if you are trustworthy enough based emotion, not cognition.

With over 30,000,000 business presentations made every day how do you make yours memorable and successful?

Aim for the primary brain of all audiences: their emotion and what they will get out of it. Every audience member, needs to decide if you are worthy of their time and trust which is where all business begins or ends. Top flight presenters always know to aim for the first brain emotion, to ensure that audiences will trust them and listen to what they are saying.

Whether you are presenting to one or one hundred people, two things are most important: why you are speaking to them and gaining your audience’s trust.

With our unique “Know, Show, Go” – technique, you will learn how to become more comfortable and competent when making any kind of presentation.

Impressions are created in the minds and hearts of others by what you say and what you do. Using our well-tested approach, you will learn how create the best impressions by leveraging the dynamic relationship between what you say and the resulting impressions.

Our clients learn how to establish clear intentions for each presentation they make, use compelling content, voice, tone, body language and appropriate graphics to deliver value-based and memorable presentations.

Whether it’s good news or bad, you can learn how to use our “Know, Show, Go” methodologies, approaches and techniques to make your point and make a difference.

Benefits – Become a more confident presenter to your clients, internal or external. Learn how to use positive intention, capture your audience’s attention, handle difficult Q & A, and create increased trust whenever and to whomever you speak.