Private Coaching

Job security is an oxymoron and finding a job is a lot harder than doing one!

Knowing who you are is key to letting others make the discovery! ( Mindfulness)

We are now offering Private Coaching for individuals who may want to enhance their careers for the following reasons:

Job Transition:

Whether you are seeking a new job inside your organization or leaving the old one, coaching can help you explore and  design strategies and tactics to make it happen.

We understand the ups and downs of job transition and offer Private Coaching services to help you regain their MOJO, and transition from here to there with ease. We help you regain your confidence, formulate your brand by clarifying your values and value, help you design effective job search strategies and help to increase your sense of control, mastery and a sense of purpose, while finding that next rich and rewarding opportunity.

If you are about to lose, or have recently lost your job, transition coaching can help you move from being shocked and stuck to stepping into your next best position. You will learn how to capture your three key strengths and how to use them throughout your job search campaign.

We want you to make a successful transition so in the coaching process, we help you fully answer the following questions for designing and implementing the most effective job search campaign:

  1. “Who am I?”
  2. “Where are those in need of my value?”
  3. “What best strategies will work best  to achieve my goals?”
  4. “What’s my brand and story?”

You will learn accurate self assessment, how to tell your unique story, increase your comfort in designing strong and compelling  personal marketing materials, learn how to network, using your own particular style,  and increase your comfort, competence and confidence in the interviewing process.

Professional Development:

Athletes have a coach,( many more than one) to keep their game up to speed. Individual Private Coaching is a specifically tailored one on one relationship focused on what YOU want to achieve, at YOUR speed, and focusing on YOUR specific issues.

We do not do “cookie cutter” coaching, so a consultation with us will help you determine if Private Coaching is right for you.

We are now reaching out more and are offering remote coaching  via Skype and phone conferencing  and will be happy to learn more about your aspirations.

What clients have said:
I thought you would like to know that my marathon interviewing session – four hours with four different people – went very well. In fact the interviews were so productive that the company went from “there are six candidates for this position” to extending me an offer three days later. I owe you big time as I believe that my effective utilization of your overall approach to interviewing, along with the continuous reference to the Three Key Strengths, made a huge difference.” -Strategic Sourcing Executive

Benefits – Greater awareness,  self-confidence, improve your  networking, learn how to tell  a story that shows value, and learn mindfulness techniques that will be useful for the rest of your life.