Humaway Business StoryTelling

When we hear an honest and authentic story, it sticks in our minds, like an unforgettable tune which we hum, long after the show is over. We call that lingering message a HumawayTM.

Stories have always been the most direct and effective ways of communicating ideas, deepening trust and understanding others, because they connect to the emotions of both the teller and the listener.  In today’s fast-paced turbulent times, authentic stories are critical for  jump starting relationships and creating swift trust as well as igniting and influencing your customers or teams.

Future leading edge leaders will be remembered and rewarded when they connect with others beyond just data. People remember feelings and images way beyond facts and data.

By learning how to tell a Humaway Business Story, you can create lasting impressions in the minds of your listeners and positively influence them by using our proven approach and methodology.

If you are  success-focused our methodology can help you:

  • Find the right story, for the right person, for the right reasons at the right time
  • Create your own Humaway  story, so that others will “hum your tune,”  long after you have spoken
  • Inspire teams by making your strategic plans come alive and have meaning for all
  • Sharpen your brand and impression
  • Become the incredilbe leader you can be
  • Jump start or deepen relationships
  • Soften the blow of hard news
  • Motivate and mentor others
  • Improve your reputation
  • Add impact to your messages

Contact us and we will gladly talk with you about how we can help you customize our Humaway StoryTelling approach to your business needs.

Now, you can learn how to create the memorable tune in any of your listener’s minds. The leaders who have taken our Humaway StoryTelling Workshop agree that the power of sharing authentic stories increases and deepens the connections with others, creates more energy, has strong business impact and is a rich experience for both  tellers and listeners!

We are now offering a new  private 4 session package for  Business StoryTelling: Creating your Humaway, for individual leaders who want to  learn how to select and tell your own unique stories for the results you want. Our Humaway approach and techniques are  the proof of a successful story: one that really sticks with your audience the way a catchy song leaves listeners humming away a memorable tune!

Benefits: Stories stick making stronger connections, enhanced trust and understanding, inspiring others to think differently,  greater influence and impact, sharing of values and corporate culture. Helping people “get it!” Stories beget stories.