“I didn’t realize how damaged I was after my long-term career came to an abrupt end. But 10 minutes into my first session with Judy, she was helping to rebuild my self-confidence. She made me realize that it wasn’t the end, but a new beginning and I had control of the reins. I remember she was available to me by phone and e-mail when I took the monumental step and flew out of state for my first interview in 35 years.”

“I kept the materials from those sessions in 2007. The materials and advice are still relevant, even in this very different job market. Judy’s notes remind me that I am still in control, and worthy of a position that will give me satisfaction and gratification.”

“I have to chuckle. As a hiring manager I never pay attention to cover letters. I lay them aside and go right to the resume. Pay attention to Judy’s recommendation on DisCover Letters. On both the search in 2007 and now, I’ve gotten calls within 30 minutes of sending the letters along with feedback from recruiters and hiring managers on the letter’s effectiveness.”
Cheryl Rowley, Laura, Ohio

“This program is excellent if your company needs to communicate changes and make your strategy more accessible to your people. This Humaway Business StoryTelling workshop would be perfect for any organization that is struggling to more effectively reach out to others.  We are very pleased with our decision to  dedicate an entire day to this training – It was worth the time and resources and we highly recommend it.” Read more…
Wendy Hirsch, Director Strategy, ChildFund International
Anna Quirk, Director Global Organizational Development, ChildFund International

“I listened to the taped session of your ‘Winning Interviews: Converse, Connect, Convince” presentation that you gave via ExecuNet. Last night, I used your suggestions in an interview. Your processes strongly helped me improve my ability to get my message across. I’m meeting a lot of people looking for new opportunities. I’ll be referring them to your site.”
Rob Benson, Executive Manager

“I went to an interview yesterday and yes, I had an opportunity to tell them my story, which I had polished over the weekend. And guess what? I was invited to their office for the second interview for sometime next week, though the date has yet to be finalized. I saw each of the two interviewers’ faces immediately light up as soon as they heard my story. I modified my story slightly in each case just to make it fit in the context better. Because of a renewed confidence in me, I was able to answer other questions well. I was able to be ME and still make them like me at the same time! And it was great!”
David, Senior Credit Analyst

“I have known Judy since 2001 when I attended her Execunet meeting. I know of no one whom I have ever met who is a better career counselor or an expert on the art of networking. As I result of working with Judy, I went from a person who knew very little about myself, my career and talents to an executive with a very clear focus. I think the best complement I can give Judy is that I remember a lot of her quotes and use them to teach others how to network and move their own career forward. I cannot thank Judy enough for her help and would give her the highest recommendation to others who are considering working with her.”
Jack Carton

“Judy is a great resource to have access to. It is priceless to have an expert career coach who can view your situation abstractly and provide guidance that you have not be able to see. I would recommend Judy to people in almost any business vertical to obtain regular strategic advice on their career goals.”
Simon Metz

“Judy is a superb and very skilled facilitator. She is highly articulate, very intelligent and savvy, and an excellent communicator. She is able to encourage and draw out the participants in all of the sessions that I have attended in a manner that is highly constructive as well as supportive and sympathetic. The environment that Judy creates at these networking sessions facilitates open and honest communication in a way that I have not seen at other networking sessions that I have attended.”
Mergers & Aquisitions Executive

“My empathic listening wasn’t one of my strong suits before working with Judy and it has developed so that it has created a a much stronger dynamic and understanding with my marketing team and the sales team as a whole. I increased my confidence, improved my ability to lead, mentor and engage my team so they are clear about expectations, roles and responsibilities; learned about how to deliver ‘hard news’ and gained in my ability to be contextually assertive without being abrasive or aloof.”
Associate Publisher National Magazine

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a smooth pro like Judy in action, showing compassion and firmness to reality.”
Dennis F. Krieger, The Entrepreneur’s Source

“Working with Judy was enlightening. Our sessions provoked me to take a hard look at myself and my objectives, both short and long-term, and make adjustments to achieve success; some were simple while others significantly more challenging. I learned to tailor my communications to produce more positive results through increasing my awareness of the needs of others around me, improving my listening ability and by altering my messages to better fit the audience and situation. Also, Judy’s forthright approach and insights helped tremendously as I traveled (and continue to travel) this self-discovery journey. Long term, it is reassuring and extremely valuable to me to be able to reach out to someone for coaching who knows me as well Judy does from traveling this journey with me.”
VP Finance-Mfg

“Judy brings and energy and enthusiasm to executive coaching that makes her a pleasure to work with. Her approach to coaching combines a strong focus on the individual with a firm appreciation for business needs. Working with Judy has enabled me to get much more from the coaching project as she keeps both the coachee and the manager focused on the project, open in communication and continually learning.”
Edward F. Hoare, President Biopharmaceuticals Division, USA Pall Lifesciences

“While it is always true that each one of us defines ‘quality’ and ‘excellence’ based on our own set of criteria, two major criteria on which I would guess most people would agree are ‘commitment’ and ‘consistency.’ Having worked with Judy for 12+ years as she has served as the facilitator for our Manhattan networking events, we (and more importantly our members) have had the opportunity to gain value from Judy’s leadership on both levels. Her ability to share her experience and expertise in a down to earth, pragmatic way, allows people to walk away from her sessions feeling that they have been given advice and counsel that has immediate application in the real world.”
Dave Opton, Founder, ExecuNet The Center for Executive Careers

“Judy played a significant part in getting me repositioned at my new job by providing insight into the job search process and creating an environment for a frank exchange of ideas.”
Private client

“I want to reiterate my pleasure in your outstanding presentation. Your clarity of focus, mastery of your subject and charm in deliver all demonstrate a true professional.”
President Nassau Chapter of NY State Society for Clinical Social Work

“As a result of working with Judy, through a combination of candid discussion, formal exercises, skill practice assignments and feedback analysis, I believe I have successfully improved my competence, altered my style and enhanced my value. Her coaching assisted me in better understanding the behavioral components of consensus building and negotiations; improving my listening ability, becoming a more effective team member and enhancing my image and impact.”
VP Marketing Merrill Lynch

“I have worked with Judy for many years, both as my own coach, and for coaching of various members of my company’s professional and executive staff. Her style makes people very comfortable from the beginning and her approach is very personalized, flexible and supportive. However, she is also able to give the more difficult messages when necessary and in a way that people can hear which is critical in her role as coach. I have always received very positive feedback from those who have worked with her and recommend her highly.”
Head of Human Resources, Financial Service Company